Frequently asked questions

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    What can I expect from Solid Solutions?
    We convert the pits to an aerobic breakdown.
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    Why aerobic?
    Much faster digestion and the release changes from hydrogen sulfide, methane, and ammonia, to co2, so2, no2, etc. Also digesting the fiber and remaining protein to discourage foaming which traps methane.
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    What about salts and heavy metals?
    The organic acids utilized will help disperse salts and chelate heavy metals leaving them in a stabilized form for flushing through the soil profile when spread.
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    What can I expect in the fields?
    Residue breakdown by providing an excellent food source for the microbes and fungal colonies that converts residue to organic matter and then humus. Recycles the fertility into a readily usable form for feeding the next crop and releases diseases to exposure and deletion.
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    Which diseases should I see help with?
    Anthracnose, gibberellin and fusarium rots, gray leaf spot and Goss’s wilt in corn; white mold and sudden death in beans.
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